A pico-8 commentary on climate change, futility and memory manipulation for the Linux Game Jam ‘17.


Simple EventLoop wrappers around ATLAS track selection tools (InDetTrackSelectionTool and TightTrackVertexAssociationTool), for use with xAH.

LHC (threes remix)

The game of threes was a puzzle game developed by Asher Vollmer in 2014, which inspired many remixed versions – including one that I spun off, where you attempt to discover the Higgs boson by merging fundamental particles.


A collection of custom PDFs for use with RooFit, which were developed by @mpuccio. I just tweaked some things so that they’ll work in contemporary pyroot scripts, and tried to write down how to get them working.

ProcJam 2016

ProcJam is a jam about making stuff that makes other stuff. It’s not necessarily a game jam, but you could make a game to participate. Others might make tools or toys, but everyone is trying to learn something about procedural generation.