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Jan 7, 2017
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A collection of custom PDFs for use with RooFit, which were developed by @mpuccio. I just tweaked some things so that they’ll work in contemporary pyroot scripts, and tried to write down how to get them working.

My fork with modifications can be found here.

These were used in ATLAS-JETM-2016-014 – a study of the stability of jet mass for top, W, and light jets as a function of pile-up which was produced for the December 2016 CERN Council meeting.

First, set up ATLASLocalRootBase and ROOT:

lsetup root

Now, make the dictionaries required to include these in pyroot scripts:

rootcint -f RooDSCBShapeDict.cxx -c RooDSCBShape.h
rootcint -f RooGausExpDict.cxx  -c RooGausExp.h
rootcint -f RooGausDExpDict.cxx -c RooGausDExp.h

Then, cross your fingers and make:

make -f
make -f
make -f

You can then include things in your pyroot macros as e.g.

import ROOT
from ROOT import RooDSCBShape

Submit complaints to @mattleblanc. This was tested with ROOT 6.04 on SL6.

Image cropped from original photo by Bert Kaufmann @ Flickr, used via CC BY 2.0.