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I am a member of the ATLAS collaboration, and a Ph.D. candidate in high energy physics at the University of Victoria, currently based at CERN – the European Laboratory for Nuclear & Particle Physics. I’m from Halifax, and I did my B.Sc. at Acadia University in the departments of physics and mathematics.

My curriculum vitae is available on my CERN homepage, along with a short summary of my research and teaching experience. These days, I’m primarily interested in searching for signs of new physics at the LHC using jet substructure techniques.

If you want to get in touch, you could look up my email in the CERN directory, or you could me on twitter.

If you’ve come across this website, you’ve probably found it because of a side project of mine. These usually live on github, where you can find me as @mattleblanc. If it was a game or a pico-8 project, you might also be interested in tracking down my sparsely-populated developer page.

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